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PHILOS & Aquammodate partners to revolutionize the desalination industry with biomimetic membranes

PHILOS Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of membranes for wastewater treatment, announces a collaboration with Aquammodate, a Gothenburg, Sweden-based green technology firm. The two firms intend to collaborate on the development and commercialization of pilot-scale membrane production.

PHILOS has over two decades of experience creating and commercializing membranes and is devoted to continuing to provide novel solutions for membrane technology, whereas Aquammodate's biomimetic membrane technology focuses on producing clean water with minimal energy and carbon dioxide emissions.

Jeong-Hak Kim, CEO of Philos, commented,"I'm enthusiastic to cooperate with Aquammodate as both of us are creative and innovative firms. Our decades of membrane research and commercialization experience, together with Aquammodate's cutting-edge biomimetic technology, will surely transform the desalination business. I'm ecstatic about the synergy we'll be able to create while simultaneously boosting one another's pride."

In a world where over 2 billion people drink water from contaminated sources, the need to remove hazardous substances in order to offer clean water grows year after year. The direct link between PHILOS and Aquammodate enables the latter to rapidly optimize the process of eliminating hazardous compounds through the use of silica-stabilized aquaporins embedded in polymer membranes.

PHILOS aspires to be a global leader in the field of Membrane technology, with an unwavering commitment to improving and developing membrane products. This alliance, which Aquammodate formed in collaboration with PHILOS, is a component of the future's new water technology solutions.

"We are pleased to begin development together, and we are confident that this cooperation will expedite our progress toward our aim of sustainably supplying clean water, as well as nutrients, metals, and other useful components from available water," said Simon Isaksson, CEO of Aquammodate.


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