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About Us

Philos Co., Ltd. produces and sells various membranes such as UF for water purification, MBR for wastewater treatment, UF, MF, NF, and RO membranes for separation and concentration, as well as humidifying membranes for hydrogen fuel cells. In addition, we provide total solutions such as engineering to customers ranging from membrane separation systems, research equipment and water treatment, to environmental facilities.


PHILOS aims to become a specialized company that offers comprehensive solutions by holding advanced products in the water, air, and energy sectors, with a focus on membrane separation technology. We aspire to make a positive impact on humanity and improve the quality of life through the ripple effect of membrane separation technology.

Certificates & Awards

Awards Details

  • Received IR52 "Jang Yeong-sil" Award (1992, CEO Award)


  • Bronze statue at Korea Venture Expo (2004)


  • Appropriate Technology Social Enterprise Festival Grand Prize (2014)


  • Gyeonggi-do science and technology man of merit (2014)


  • Excellence Award at Green Technology Presentation (2015)


  • Frontier company certification


  • INNO-Biz company certification


  • Venture company certification


  • Factory (ISO9001,14001 certified) registration​

  • Corporate affiliated research institute certification

Patent Status

  • 15 patents related to separation membrane modules

  • 7 patents related to separation membrane manufacturing

  • 24 patents related to separation membrane processes

  • 3 utility models, 2 trademarks, 1 design registration Numerous other applications pending

Certificates and Awards
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