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Megaflux-cMBR is an immersion type membrane module and cassette frame suitable for the MBR process of small to large capacity wastewater treatment. It is applied not only to general sewage treatment but also to wastewater treatment and water reuse. In addition, when replacing an existing membrane, it can be easily replaced as it is manufactured in the same size.

About Product

Special Features

  • High-strength hollow fiber membrane (61kgf/fiber)

  •  MF (0.1 μm), UF (0.03 μm)

  • Small input/module optimized for large capacity (R4-10, R2-18)

  • Compact size cassette frame structure


  • Sewage and wastewater treatment MBR

  • MBR Replacement

  • FRP sewage and wastewater treatment

  • Gray water and water reuse

  • Livestock manure wastewater

  • Hospital wastewater

  • Food processing wastewater

  • Laundry wastewater

  • Leachate

  • Various industrial wastewater

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