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Humidor/membrane humidifier


Humidor is a membrane humidifier module which is designed for various humidification applications. PHILOS provides water-to-gas & gas-to-gas solutions with hollow fiber membranes that are capable of instantaneous humidification under room & warm temperature conditions.

About Product

Special Features

  • Efficient performance

  • Low pressure drop

  • Optimized design & Extended Lifetime

  • Light weight


  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell: H2 Hydrogen fuel cell, thermo-hygrostat, backup power generation.

  • Industrial Commercial Use: , Automative Manufacturing Electronics Manufacturing, Semi-conductor Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Textile Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Industry

  • Building and Appliances: Air-conditioning, Cooling-tower, Servers, Home, Hotels Hospitals, Bussiness Centers, Museums & Galleries

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