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"Looking for a hollow fiber membrane manufacturer?" Here are three arguments to go for PHILOS

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

If you are a researcher or a practitioner working in the field of membrane development and are looking for a company that can serve you with the best membrane research and development equipment then PHILOS is the right place to contact. Recognizing the user’s mind of research for convenience, reproducibility, reliability, and accuracy, PHILOS offers the most precise, user-friendly, and space-efficient R&D equipment for hollow fiber membrane manufacturing. With our system, users can make UF, MF, NF, or even special type hollow fiber membranes (HFM) for their research and development purposes. Moreover, PHILOS offers all kinds of systems from manufacturing to evaluation for hollow fiber membranes. We primarily offer lab and pilot-scale systems needed to manufacture and evaluate hollow fiber membranes and modules but we also hold the knowledge and know-how for the technology transfer of commercial-scale hollow fiber membrane production. We possess all kinds of HFM manufacturing systems from start to finish which includes products like dispensing systems, hollow fiber spinning systems, membrane coating systems, module potting systems, module cutting systems, and membrane evaluation systems.

With 20+ years of experience and 100+ worldwide references and case studies to sell our equipment, we provide the best solutions to our customers by understanding their requirements and listening to their needs carefully. Additionally, with our expert’s advice, our customers benefit from having the best fit and customized research equipment when needed. Some of the key factors that set PHILOS’s products aside from the rest of the competitive manufacturers are:

  1. Small and Concise system: Our systems are very carefully and concisely produced to fit in the small spaces. Depending upon the requirement, our systems are usually designed to fit in the space of 1m ~ 2m in length. This is because generally big and bulky machines do not fit in a confined space in a research lab but the small and concise systems are easily movable and flexible to fit in any confined spaces.

  2. Quality: All of our systems are produced using high-quality materials as we do not compromise in quality. Thus our systems are more long-lasting, strong, accurate, and reliable. Moreover, in our years of experience, we have never received a complaint from our customers for the quality of our system and materials, rather our products and systems have always been highly reviewed and much appreciated by every customer.

  3. Convenience: We have designed our systems in such a way that it is very easy to handle, maintain and operate the equipment. Due to this, our customers can save much of their time which they can later utilize for their other important works. We value customer’s convenience so we have integrated design features for easy transportation, cleaning and maintenance of system, automatic and semi-automatic controls for smooth operations, and accurate designs/materials for reproducibility.

All in all, our simple yet important know-how and innovative design for the system catches our customer’s attention every time. And our smooth and excellent customer’s service along with our expert’s advice, before and after the sales has always gained our customer’s trust. Therefore, with PHILOS’s equipment researchers find the whole membrane experimenting experience more likable and easy.

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