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PHILOS to enter the Indian market for MBR and UF in partnership with Metsi Enviro Tech.

PHILOS Co. Ltd is pleased to announce a partnership with Metsi Enviro Tech P Ltd. The two firms inked a contract in December 2021 to promote, sell, market, and service PHILOS's membrane products (MBR and UF), primarily in the Indian market, but also in South Africa and several Middle Eastern nations.

Metsi Enviro Tech P Ltd, a company headquartered in Bengaluru, India is a global technology applications player in the field of water, wastewater, and solid waste management. METPL has 3 decades of experience with connections over a large diaspora of consultants, EPC, and OEMs. Claire Fontaine, the company's flagship brand, has roots in South Africa and operates across the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and Africa.

Mathew Sebastian, CEO of METPL, states that it is a pleasure to be associated with South Korea's founding father of UF technology, Dr. Jeong Hak Kim, CEO of PHILOS, who has four decades of expertise in the field of membrane research, development, and manufacturing and hence is one of the core stone of the industry. He adds; "The prospective innovations of hydrogen cell membranes, as well as PHILOS's established technological competence, are some exciting components of this collaboration moving forward."

Moreover, METPL's Director-Technical, CRVi Joseph, an engineer from India's pioneering engineering university, goes on to say: "PHILOS is a technological powerhouse when it comes to membranes, and it can be customized to meet your needs. Its high tensile strength of 61 kg per fiber, along with ongoing development, makes it a world-beater". So we are excited about this partnership as we believe with PHILOS's innovative and promising products and our technological leadership, we can create a potential marketplace.

Similarly, Sameer Khan, a partner in METPL's Middle East operations and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in the United States, owns and operates a multidisciplinary engineering business in the United Arab Emirates, with over 35 years of experience in the Middle East. He states that "the Middle East market is receptive to cutting-edge solutions in the environment sector, and PHILOS most certainly meets that criteria."


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Dr. Jeong Hak Kim; CEO, of PHILOS, states, "India is one of the largest countries with rapidly growing membrane market, and it has always caught our attention. We're glad to be collaborating with a prominent organization like Metsi Enviro Tech P Ltd. which not only holds decades of experience but also a promising reputation in the Indian market for providing environmental solutions. We are keenly looking forward to this partnership as it will greatly aid PHILOS in expanding its membrane business throughout the world and especially in India."

With an unwavering commitment to improving and innovating membrane products with new advancements, PHILOS aspires to be a global leader in the field of Membrane technology. We are constantly striving to satisfy our clients' demands, whether it be in terms of innovation, quality, style, pricing, or delivery. And now that METPL has joined our team as a partner, we are confident that our clients will benefit doubly as much from our high-quality products and enhanced technical and sales support provided by METPL.


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