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PHILOS showcased its news products in one of the biggest Environmental Exhibitions in South Korea.

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Ceremony of Envex 2022
International Exhibition, Envex 2022.

Philos participated in the 43rd International Exhibition on Environmental Technology and Green Energy, ENVEX 2022, held in South Korea from June 8-10. This year, the event attracted a large number of visitors that showed great interest in PHILOS company and products.

The exhibition kicked off on June 8th with a small ceremony with distinguished representatives from the government and sponsor companies. Nearly 250 exhibitors from Korea and other parts of the world gathered at COEX to show their latest advances in environmental technology in the fields of water, seawater desalination, chemical, air, as well as carbon-neutral technologies such as green car industry, hydrogen, solar energy, marine power, wind power, among many others. During the exhibition, attendees took full advantage to discover new products, trends and learn from industry experts.

PHILOS, being a company with more than 20 years of experience in the membrane technology field, had the opportunity to display its new products for MBR, UF, and RO processes.

PHILOS' Membrane Technology
PHILOS' Megaflux-Master & Megaflux- RO
PHILOS Membrane Technology
PHILOS' Megaflux-cMBR

Jeong Hak Kim, CEO of PHILOS & Wellspring.

“We were eager to reconnect with our valuable clients, community and vendor partners again. We could not have put on such an incredible event without the enthusiasm and hardwork of our dedicated team members. We are optimistic about the future and further growth of PHILOS” said Jeong Hak Kim, CEO of Philos & Wellspring.

ENVEX 2022 held at COEX, South Korea.

PHILOS exhibiting Megaflux-cMBR cassette.


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