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Megaflux-MBR replacement after 7 years; Case study for a sewage treatment project

PHILOS sold their Megaflux-Submergible MBR in 2014 for a sewage treatment project to K-Water, a South Korean government organization that delivers both public and industrial water. After witnessing a drop in flux, an increase in operating pressure, and an unrecoverable CIP (Clean In Place) process for membrane regeneration, the customer contacted PHILOS after 7 years to replace the Megaflux MBR in order to restore smooth operation. When asked about their experience with Megaflux MBR, customers stated that the MBRs operated excellently for 7 years without a single membrane tear or leak and they were satisfied with the performance.

Additionally, customers were also pleased to learn that PHILOS would be replacing their older Megaflulx-MBR with an upgraded version of Megaflux-MBR, which includes an improved design of membrane modules with a smaller membrane pore size of 0.1 um, all of which will help them save money on their water and electric bills in the long run. Megaflux MBR's enhanced module design, which combines patented aeration ball technology and efficient module and frame design, helps minimize sludging and allows higher water flux at lower operating pressure, despite the membrane's decreased pore size. As a result, clients benefit from a win-win situation in which they not only save money but also time, and energy while getting better results.

Effluent water after MBR replacement; 0.36 NTU (Clear)

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