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PHILOS and Blue FC Announce R&D and Business Cooperation to Revolutionize Fuel Cell Technology

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

PHILOS, a leading membrane technology company, and Blue FC, a fuel cell system integrator, have announced a ground-breaking R&D and business cooperation that is set to revolutionize the fuel cell industry.

The CEOs of both companies, Dr. Jeong-Hak Kim of PHILOS and Dr. Yong Sheen Hwang of Blue FC, have agreed to work together to develop innovative solutions using PHILOS' advanced membrane humidifiers. These humidifiers, which use gas-to-gas and water-to-gas methods, have low pressure drop and high efficiency, with a hollow fiber membrane that enhances performance.

Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.
CEO of Blue FC, Dr. Yong Sheen Hwang, with CEO of PHILOS, Dr. Jeong-Hak Kim.

Blue FC is already using PHILOS' membrane humidifiers in its fuel cell systems, with outstanding results. The collaboration between PHILOS and Blue FC will allow Blue FC to leverage PHILOS' expertise to enhance its products and expand its business. PHILOS is supplying two types of membrane humidifiers for fuel cells: 10kW and 200kW, suitable for use in various fuel cell systems and fuel cell test stations. Both companies are showcasing their products this week in Tokyo, Japan. The partnership between PHILOS and Blue FC is expected to bring about significant advancements in fuel cell technology, resulting in superior products that offer improved performance, reliability, and affordability.


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