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PHILOS to work with K-Water on a 100MLD RO membrane project.

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Today we are delighted to announce that PHILOS has been appointed as the sole contractor for the replacement of RO membranes to K-Water Dangjin Industrial Water Center (100,000 tons/day) during the 2022-2023 period.

In 2017, PHILOS was first appointed to work on a project for K-Water that involved the replacement of RO membranes in a facility that produces 100,000 tons of pure water every day.

This time, PHILOS is using Nitto Denko's low-fouling RO membranes, which are well-known for their better performance in comparison to other manufacturers, high salt rejection, and CIP period. All of this is as an addition to a significant reduction in facility operating costs.

“With a long history of successfully delivering membrane technology, we now look forward to continuing on this positive path; collaborating with our clients to provide and develop new membrane technology.” mentioned Philos Sales Director.

Project information:

Site : Hyundai Steel, Dangjin Plant

Application : Industrial pure water supply

Total Capacity : 100,000m3/day

RO replacement quantity: 2,456 elements


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